Cisco's Jasper unit aims to extend from IoT management to smartphones, tablets

With the move, Cisco is looking to enter the enterprise mobility management space, but it will do it by selling directly to the carriers, which will then use the platform to deliver services via their own portals.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Cisco's Jasper unit, best known for managing Internet of Things (IoT) devices, is extending its approach to smartphones and tablets.

Jasper launched its Control Center for Mobile Enterprise, and the move could put some heat on traditional enterprise mobility management players. Why? Jasper is selling its platform to carriers, who are already using the company for IoT connectivity management. As a result, enterprises may manage their devices via a telecom portal instead of using standalone software packages.

Control Center for Mobile Enterprise is integrated with carrier networks and systems to automate cost control and offer self-service access. Pallavi Vanacharla, head of product marketing for Cisco's enterprise mobility, IoT, and cloud unit, said Jasper is looking at enterprise mobility management from "a connectivity point of view."

"The number of IoT devices and connected cars outpaces business mobile phones, but there's still a big pain point there," said Vanacharla.

The argument from Cisco and Jasper is that managing mobile devices has largely been a reactive and manual affair. As a result, support costs can be higher. These slides illustrate where Jasper's platform, which would be used by carriers, would sit.


Jasper's mobile device management platform does the following:

  • Offers visibility into usage and charges in real-time. This visibility can enable an enterprise to act before employees blast through data usage limits.
  • Automated control for costs and services. Cisco's Jasper unit can create and enforce roaming policies, upgrade employees automatically, and add travel plans.
  • Self-serve management for things like adding features, changing SIM cards and upgrades.

Control Center for Mobile Enterprise is launching in Canada via a partnership with TELUS and then will hit new carriers from there.

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