Citrix: iOS leads enterprise globally, but Android growing fastest in EMEA

Based on a new mobility report from Citrix, iOS is preferred for engaging customers one-on-one while Android is gaining strength with field service organizations.


Apple's iOS appears to still have a hold over the global enterprise mobile market, but Android is quickly gaining ground overseas, based on a new report from Citrix.

According to Citrix's Q4 Enterprise Mobility Cloud Report, 58 percent of the devices worldwide running Citrix's enterprise mobility management service were iOS.

Despite losing two percentage points globally from the previous quarter, Google's mobile operating system is highlighted for being the fastest growing platform last quarter with an 11 percent gain across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Rounding out the top four, Windows Mobile stayed still at seven percent of Citrix enterprise mobile users while Symbian was said to be "negligible."

Researchers also found that iOS is preferred for vertical industries where mobile users engage customers one-on-one (i.e. retail, restaurants), but Android is preferred in vertical markets with field service organizations, such as transportation and utilities.


Nevertheless, researchers included a reminder about mobile malware, which they hinted was a hindrance to both mobile security and Android's growth.

It's important to note that Citrix's Enterprise Mobility Cloud Report reflects data from customers who have deployed XenMobile MDM, the cloud-based mobile management platform that Citrix recently picked up through its acquisition of Zenprise .

Thus, while many of the trends extracted from the report could reflect larger trends in enterprise technology, keep in mind the findings do apply to a specific customer base.

Images via Citrix