Citrix presents cloud-bridging software

The virtualisation company has unveiled its OpenCloud technology, which aims to make the transfer of data between internal networks and external platforms easier
Written by Tim Ferguson, Contributor on

Virtualisation company Citrix is attempting to bridge the gap between internal networks and external clouds with its OpenCloud technology, unveiled at its Synergy user and partner conference in Berlin.

One element of the new system, OpenCloud Bridge, is a secure tunnelling technology that allows data and workloads to be transferred between internal corporate networks and external third-party cloud platforms. Through OpenCloud Bridge, external cloud environments — such as Amazon's EC2 or Rackspace's Cloud Server — appear to be an extension of an organisation's internal network.

The technology will work on any virtual hypervisor but requires both sides of the data transfer to be using Citrix's NetScaler server technology, meaning that not all cloud services are currently able to use OpenCloud Bridge.

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