Citrix rebrands Presentation Server as XenApp 5

The company has changed the name of its flagship software, completing a rebranding exercise begun after the purchase of XenSource last year

Citrix's flagship Presentation Server software was revamped and renamed on Monday.

From now on, the software will be known as XenApp 5.

Citrix is making ambitious claims for the performance of XenApp 5. According to Bowker, it makes "application start times up to 10 times faster, dramatically improving end-user experience and lowering application-management costs by more than 25 percent over previous versions".

Citrix bought the virtualisation company XenSource a year ago this August. The renaming of Presentation Server completes a rebranding exercise started in February.

Presentation Server came into being 20 years ago. Its new name shows that the tool now sits firmly in a family with XenServer and XenDesktop.

Mark Bowker, an Enterprise Strategy Group analyst, said in Monday's statement that XenApp 5 would address the needs of both local and hosted applications. He added that the end-to-end approach is a Citrix signature and something that the company hopes will help differentiate its virtualisation software from that of competitors in the market, such as VMware and Parallels.

Citrix will be showcasing XenApp 5 on 9 September at an online launch event, 'Citrix Delivery Center Live'.

XenApp 5, when used alone or in conjunction with XenDesktop, helps to centralise applications in the datacentre and "deliver them as an on-demand service to both physical or virtual desktops for either online or offline usage", according to the company.

XenApp 5 will be available in September, the company said. Pricing will be $350 (£190) for the Advanced Edition, $450 (£245) for the Enterprise Edition and $600 (£327) for the Platinum Edition.