Citrix updates GoToMyPC

With Version 6.0 of its remote access system, Citrix introduces a range of new features

Citrix has launched a new version of its online remote-working system, GoToMyPC.

Version 6.0 of GoToMyPC offers new features such as synchronisation between a remote PC and the host computer, and support for remote sound.

GoToMyPC costs £11.99 for one user for one month and £8.99 if you take out an annual subscription — £107.99 a year. A two-user system will be £17.99 a month, or £159.99 for a 12-month subscription. Up to 20 additional users will cost £8.99 each, or £79.99 annually.

GoToMyPC is software that allows an ordinary PC to do a similar job to a VPN. Small organisations can set up their users so they can access their work systems from home and can send and store files and other information.

The new features on Version 6.0 include remote sound so remote users can access sound systems, music and voice mail running on their host system. This allows people who work with sound, such as radio producers, to access their work at home and download and edit audio files.

A second new feature is File Sync which synchronises files between the host system and the remote systems. This saves space, Citrix says, since it allows one file to access a number of different files and remain a single file, thus saving space. Files can be kept consistent while working on a number of different systems.

But there is a question mark over Citrix's implementation of security features in the File Sync feature. In order for two or more systems to work co-operatively from different sites they will need to deal with the corporate firewall, which will prevent file transfers.

To avoid blocking communications between the host system and the remote PC, GotoMyPC must establish a connection through the enterprise firewall. This can creates extra vulnerabilities both because it creates another access point for would-be attackers and because the firewall will not necessarily be able to analyse GotoMyPC's encrypted traffic for malware.

When this point was put to Citrix, the company responded in a statement that "in terms of security regarding the File Sync/transfer function, all file transfers are protected via end-to-end 128-bit encryption".

For remote printing, GoToMyPC allows users to access their work printers from any location. An enhanced feature is guest invite, which allows access to be opened up for a number of "guest" users who can temporarily view and share control of the host PC and exchange messages. It also has a drawing tool for them to illustrate key points.

"You could remote print before, but this is the first version with universal print drivers," explained Citrix's managing director for Europe, Simon Cresswell.