Citrix, Wyse launch virtual-desktop iPad apps

The companies each introduced applications that let users run Windows applications on Apple's recently launched tablet
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

Citrix and Wyse have both released virtual desktop applications for the iPad that let people run Windows applications on Apple's tablet.

On Friday, Citrix announced the immediate availability of its Receiver virtual office client and GoToMeeting web conferencing client for the iPad. On the same day, thin-client specialist Wyse separately introduced a version of its PocketCloud app for the same device.

The announcements came a day before the iPad went on sale in the United States. On Saturday, Apple sold 300,000 units on that day alone, according to the company. The device is expected to become available in the UK later in April.

"The iPad is ideal for mobile business use as a complement to the corporate desktop," Citrix chief Mark Templeton said in a statement. In a demonstration video for the iPad version of Citrix Receiver, posted on Monday by Citrix community chief Chris Fleck, the tablet is shown running Microsoft Word, as well as a 3D modelling application, a scheduler and patient record management software for hospital usage.

The iPad's 9.7-inch screen "makes the combination of iPad and PocketCloud a natural fit", Daniel Barreto, the chief software architect for Wyse, said in a separate statement. "We expect the adoption of iPad to be yet another reason for businesses and consumers to abandon their PCs," he added.

PocketCloud is already available on the iPhone. According to Wyse, the app has been "completely rewritten" to run natively on the iPad, and has been updated to make it easier for users to edit and modify their remote desktops and VMware View connections.

The app has a variety of new features, according to Wyse. These include scrolling within Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, windows dragging and support for 64-bit operating systems on the host.

The iPhone version of PocketCloud has also been updated to include VMware View 4 support, a new Wyse Touch Pointer and additional audio features.

Citrix's Receiver and GoToMeeting applications are available in the iPad App Store for free. Wyse's PocketCloud client virtualisation app costs £17.99.

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