Cloud forms over ION Storm

Dallas paper raises big questions about gaming wunderkind John Romero's latest venture.

ION Storm, the company founded by gaming wunderkind John Romero, is under a dark cloud, courtesy of the Dallas Observer.

The paper published a lengthy story detailing the firm's woes. In it, the paper says that ION Storm has gone from being the hottest gaming company to losing key developers and a crucial investment from Eidos. It also implies that Romero, who created Doom and Quake, has essentially become uninvolved in company management.

Multiple sources
The article was based on leaked internal documents and interviews with both current and former company employees, including CEO Todd Porter.

It details numerous management squabbles, which ultimately led to the departure of two of the company's six founding partners. It also says the company has run through $26 million and that its key game, Daikatana, will not make a spring ship date. The paper says Daikatana is now slated for release in mid-June.

A call to Porter for comment was not immediately returned.