Cloud integrator testing app migration testing tool

Cloud Technology Partners, which handles enterprise application migrations, has launched a private beta of a SaaS tool aimed at speeding the process of checking source code.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

The process of evaluating enterprise applications to see whether or not they will work on a cloud platform can be enormously time-consuming and manual.

But Boston-based Cloud Technology Partners is testing an assessment approach that could help automate this task, potentially eliminating up to 25 percent of the migration costs, according to the company's senior vice president, John Treadway.

"A lot of times, people neglect to look at the software, the code underlying it, before embarking on a migration," Treadway said. "What PaaSLane does is find the things in your application that could present a problem."

PaaSLane, which has been launched in a private beta test, evaluates application source code and checks for compatibility and compliance with a number of commercial PaaS solutions including Cloud Foundry, Stackato, Apprenda, Oracle IaaS and others. Its job is to find errors or poor design choices that might hand up an application running in the cloud — things that might be masked or hidden within an on-premises deployment.

Testers can upload source code to the PaaSLand cloud; alternatively, companies in financial services, health care or other regulated industries can have PaaSLane installed at their site, Treadway said.

Cloud Technology Partners is currently accepting private beta applicants to help test its approach, although it will eventually run a public beta test as well. Treadway won't discuss pricing, except to say that customization will carry a services fee and that there will be a higher price charged for an on-site enterprise license.

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