Cloudflare and Internet Archive team up to make sure websites never fully go offline

Websites that use Cloudflare Always Online can have their URLs automatically archived with Wayback Machine.
Written by Aimee Chanthadavong, Contributor
Image: Cloudflare

Cloudflare and Internet Archive have joined forces to archive more of the public web, touting it would make the web more reliable.

As part of this joint effort, websites that use Cloudflare's Always Online service will be able to allow the web infrastructure company to share their hostname and URLs with Internet Archive's Wayback Machine so their website can be automatically archived.

When a site is down, Cloudflare will then be able to retrieve the most recently archived version from Internet Archive so that a site's content can be accessed by users.

"The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine has an impressive infrastructure that can archive the web at scale," Cloudflare CEO and co-founder Matthew Prince said.

"By working together, we can take another step toward making the internet more resilient by stopping server issues for our customers and in turn from interrupting businesses and users online."

According to Internet Archive, more than 468 billion web pages are available via the Wayback Machine to date.

"We archive URLs that are identified via a variety of different methods, such as 'crawling' from lists of millions of sites, as submitted by users via the Wayback Machine's 'Save Page Now' feature, added to Wikipedia articles, referenced in Tweets, and based on a number of other 'signals' and sources, such multiple feeds of 'news' stories. An additional source of URLs we will preserve now originates from customers of Cloudflare's Always Online service," Wayback Machine director Mark Graham wrote in a blog post.

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