College students are seriously unwired

Pollster: 'Students have spoken and mobility is among their highest priorities.'

News flash: A new Harris poll finds that today's college students are (un)wired to the gills. OK, maybe that's not a surprise. Campus Technology reports that the Alloy College Explorer Study found that students stay perpetually connected to the Internet with a variety of devices, which are mostly wireless. They have access to video, audio, graphics, and text messaging and content 24/7.

They spend about 11 hours a day connected to a device and are using desktop computers less frequently. More than fifty percent of returning college students will carry a laptop, and three million students now have cell phones.

"Students have spoken and their technology choices tell us that mobility is among their highest priorities," commented Dana Markow, VP of Youth and Education Research, Harris Interactive in a press release.

Students spend at least 20 minutes a day sending and receiving text messages. The widespread use of social networking sites among students has prompted the pollsters to dubbed this phenomenon as "mob-learning."

" College students look to their friends above any other influence for guidance and approval. The increase in 'friend' access and the evolving definition of 'friend' affords peer networks greater import than ever," commented Samatha Skey, SVP Strategic Marketing, Alloy Media+Marketing.