Comdex: Logitech rolls out hi-tech trackerball

Logitech showed off a new hi-tech trackerball at Comdex this week in Las Vegas.

The Swiss firm's TrackMan Marble FX distinguishes itself from rivals with a sleek design that gives users thumb as well as finger control of the large ball thanks to a side opening in the casing. Logitech said the enhancement and new hand-contoured ergonomic design will help users get more precise pointer positioning.

A thumb-controlled wheel also provides scroll capabilities in any Windows 95 application. Microsoft's IntelliMouse requires that applications - such as Office 97 - are optimised for the scroll capability to be effective.

TrackMan Marble FX also allows scrolling to take place left-to-right as well as up-down. A fourth button has been added for programmable functions.

The product will ship in the UK in January or February priced from about £80.