Comdex Spring: Nogatech does easy TV on a PC

Until now, if you wanted to watch TV on your computer, you had to purchase a TV tuner card and go through the often painful process of installing it.

Nogatech's USB-TV does away with all that -- all you need to do is plug this rectangular USB device into your USB port and then connect either an s-video, cable TV or over-the-air connection to the USB-TV.

The $160 (£98) device operates at full screen, and it even lets you bring a coax FM antenna source into your computer for listening to radio broadcasts as well. The image quality isn't as good as a standard television and Nogatech bundles its own tuning software, or you can use the Video for Windows application included in Windows 98.

If you're in the convergence market, and you want to watch TV on your PC, this handy device is the easiest and cheapest way. You must have Windows 98, and you need at least one free USB port. We still recommend the ATI All-In-Wonder Fury for power and capability, but the USB-TV is a less-expensive and easier to install option for those who want basic broadcast or cable TV on their PCs.

Ships in June.

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