Compaq already no. 2 in UK workstations - DQ

Compaq has already cut a swathe in the UK workstation market, according to latest figures from Dataquest.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

The number one PC vendor became the number two workstation maker for the October-December 1996 fourth calendar quarter, the market researcher said. Compaq took a 16 per cent share of total unit shipments when RISC/Unix workstations are included in the figures, or the number one position for Pentium Pro/Windows NT-based workstations, with 28.1 per cent of unit shipments.

"We have already secured major contracts in the city with companies such as BZW and Credit Suisse, said Vesey Crichton, director of enterprise business at Compaq UK. "The Wintel charge has begun, and Compaq is leading from the front."

Compaq can be contacted by telephone on 0990-134456.

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