Copen-failin' ? Copen-farce?

Farce? Failure? Futile? Copenhagen climate talks sort of continue.

Apparently China has decided the Copenhagen talks are a failure. Again today talks were suspended for hours while non-talks were held and arguments carried on over which draft to draft of a proposed agreement. Aren't we all glad this is not the standard sci-fi scenario of a meteor rushing toward the planet? We'd all be dead...and then there'd be those who deny meteors altogether. Or simply see them as a great source of irom ore.

The Chinese news service reports some poorer nations are accusing rich nations of trying to go back on the Kyoto Protocol. Of course, the U.S. never agreed to that one. China did sign but was given no mandatory emisson cuts under the 1997 agreement. Together the two big nations are now the major source of manmade greenhouse gases.

The lead British climate negotiator said the Copen-talks are nearing farce.