Copin' in Copen'

Copenhagen nears end, whimpering and banging its head against the walls.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Movement in the climate talks.

China pays verbal attention to transparency on their carbon emissions. They appear to be saying, "If you pay for our emission cuts, we will show you the numbers."

There may be hope that some agreement is near at hand.

Obama arrives in Copenhagen soon. Today his Secrtary of State offered American help in raising up to $100-billion annually for climate change mitigation. That $100-bill would be in 2020, long after she's left office.

One right-wing London paper charges Copenhagen failure will hurt global businesses. That paper paper argues billions of dollars have gone into building greentech companies that could be lost if Copenhagen fails. That's a twist on the usual pro-business cant you hear in the U.S. where it's often argued that any move on emissions controls, actually most any regulations at all, will sink the economy by destroying businesses.

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