​CoreOS releases Tectonic beta for rapid Kubernetes deployments

Google and friends have announced the release of Kubernetes 1.0, which is great... if you know Kubernetes. If, like most folks, you don't, then CoreOS's new Tectonic program is here for you.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Do you want to manage containers in clusters and clouds without tearing out your hair? Then, Google and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's (CFNC) newly released Kubernetes 1.0 is for you. Chances are though your people don't know Kubernetes. If that's your situation, CoreOS has the software for you: Tectonic.

According to CoreOS, the self-styled Linux for massive server deployments, "Tectonic Preview is the best way to start using Kubernetes 1.0 today. Tectonic had been in private beta, The program is now available as an early version for development and operations teams to manage containers on a shared infrastructure layer.

Tectonic Preview is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or as a download for your data center. It comes with enterprise-ready 24x7 support to help you get Tectonic and Kubernetes up and running during the beta period.

In an interview at OSCon, CoreOS co-founder and CEO Alex Polvi said, "Kubernetes will be the Linux for the data-center." According to Polvi, "Google donating Kubernetes core code to a neutral foundation, CFNC, will ensure that it be widely adopted."

During the preview, users will get expert support from the CoreOS team and Kubernetes and containers experts. This will enable your DevOps teams to focus on their core competencies. This way your development team can concentrate on the code, and your operations team to get used to using Tectonic and Kubernetes to run a multi-container infrastructure environment.

The program comes with support for multiple-containers stack. This includes Kubernetes, CoreOS, and Docker. This is coupled with Quay.io, a powerful and secure container registry. Tectonic includes the latest versions of Kubernetes, Docker, CoreOS, flannel, and all the other components you need for a complete distributed container stack.

Many of you, burned by small IT companies with big ideas in the past, may be leery of investing in Tectonics. CoreOS, however, already has Google and Intel's support on multi-city training seminars on using Kubernetes, CoreOS and Tectonic. Intel will also co-sponsor the inaugural Tectonic Summit in New York City on December 2 and December 3. CoreOS is also partnering with Dell, Engine Yard, Mirantis and Redap to bring Tectonic to your server room, data-center, and private cloud.

Intel is going to all this expense because the company believes in Tectonic and Kubernetes. Jonathan Donaldson, Intel's VP of Software Defined Infrastructure, said, "Intel is deeply committed to delivering the agility and efficiency of hyperscale cloud to mainstream data centers. Tectonic provides an easy to consume stack that offers the benefits of hyperscale technologies previously only seen in large cloud providers. We are working closely with CoreOS and Redapt, a data center and cloud integrator, to provide Tectonic as an option on Supermicro Systems, a major Intel server value-added reseller,, and now look forward to working together to educate the industry on container technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker and CoreOS."

"For companies that want to get started using Kubernetes and run their applications in the same way Google runs today, CoreOS has the product and support offerings to make you successful," said Alex Polvi, CoreOS's CEO in a statement. "By signing up for the Tectonic preview, using our Kubernetes open-source guides or registering for our Kubernetes training courses, CoreOS is helping companies take advantage of the power of containers and transform their application development and deployment processes."

"Containers are evolving extremely quickly to become more than just a standalone developer tool," added Gary Chen IDC's Cloud and Virtualization System Software research manager. "Customers are increasingly looking to deploy complete container solutions that address developers and operations. With Tectonic, CoreOS is on the right track by pulling together a suite of key open-source components, including the milestone Kubernetes 1.0 release, into a complete and supported stack for the enterprise."

A beta with this level of support doesn't come for free. During the preview, pricing starts at $1,500/month. This includes professional, Level 1, 2, and 3 support, a Tectonic Console and a complete Kubernetes install. This consists of CoreOS, Kubernetes, and Docker.

If you prefer to try playing with Kubernetes by yourself. CoreOS has also made available a set of Kubernetes Guides for setting up Kubernetes on CoreOS.

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