Cornerstone OnDemand revamps learning tools, takes design cues from Netflix, Spotify

Cornerstone Learning is designed to better surface learning content for employees so they can stay fresh amid trends such as robotics and automation.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Cornerstone OnDemand has revamped its learning management suite, dubbed Cornerstone Learning, with personalization and design cues from Netflix, Spotify and other consumer-driven media properties.

According to Cornerstone, its learning management tools will include curated content recommendations, playlists and collaboration and sharing tools.

Cornerstone Learning will also feature about 3,000 courses at launch and cover both hard and soft skills as well as multiple categories ranging from productivity to health to software development to marketing. Courses also will be both long- and short-form.

Adam Miller, CEO of Cornerstone, outlined the new learning tools at the company's Convergence 2017 conference on Tuesday.

In addition, Cornerstone is planning a subscription service for the fall of 2017 that will feature video courses from TED, Grovo, PowerForward and CyberU.


What Cornerstone is hoping to do with its learning tools is enable workers to keep up with things like automation, robotics and skills that go stale quickly. The new design for Cornerstone Learning also is hoping to bridge the gap between existing corporate training systems and consumer services.

Cornerstone Learning is built on the company's broader human capital management platform with integration to its other applications. Features include:

  • A Netflix-ish interface with tiled browsing and predictive search.
  • Content curation via learning administrators as well as automation tools. User reviews and recommendations can also surface content.
  • Playlists for learning so employees can create and share their own paths for courses.
  • Collaborative learning tools for cloud sharing, co-browsing and real-time training.
  • Credit for informal learning via Cornerstone's API, which allows companies to gain insights to learning paths.
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