Creative unveils digital media player

New Digital Audio Player can deal with MP3, WMA or other formats
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Creative Labs Europe Thursday announced its Digital Audio Player II MG, which will go on sale by the middle of this year.

The device uses a 64 MB flash card (expandable to 128 MB) and plays MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) data. The company has installed codec-agnostic firmware designed to support future music standards such as SDMI 2.0. The II MG is also equipped with a radio receiver and USB-port docking station.

"Creative's player-range is not only attractive in design and ease-of-use but above all generates fantastic sound," said Creative's head of marketing for central Europe, Murat Ünol, during the presentation of the device.

Also presented at CeBIT Thursday, was Creative's new jukebox player. Storage and playback capacities can reach over 2,600 hours of sub-CD quality sound or approximately 120 hours of CD quality sound. The device is the size of a portable CD player and offers 6GB of internal storage space.

The two new products from Creative's PDE family are said to be available from the second quarter 2000. Prices have not yet been determined.

Translation by Sophie Handrick

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