Cute video of kids DIYing their own penny battery

A field trip to The Exploratorium turns into a little film project for a Silicon Valley investor's kids. They recorded the battery experiment with an iPad, edited the footage in iMovie, and published it to YouTube.
Written by Boonsri Dickinson, Contributing Editor

This is what happens when science experiments are published on YouTube: You get to see kids making a penny battery.

During a lunch meeting, RightVentures' partner Jonathan Siegel showed me a science experiment his kids learned during a trip to The Exploratorium. When they got home, they wanted to show him how to make a penny battery, so he suggested they record it on their iPad, edit the video in iMovie, and publish it to YouTube. The iPad is designed for consumption, Siegel told me, so he wanted his kids to use it more interactively. And so they did.

If you want to try this experiment at home, this is what you'll need:

Siegel's kids have a knack for recording their love for science. Here's another video that shows their reaction to an experiment involving oil, water, and salt.

Recently, I interviewed the Intel science fair winners, two childhood friends who liked to conduct science experiments in their backyard. Getting kids involved early on and sharing their experiences may help inspire kids to pursue science.

Post-economic downturn, however, it’s become ever clearer that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields — called “STEM” — are critical to maintaining our technology-driven society.

But for the record, file this video under "cute."

Screenshots of the experiment are from The Exploratorium.

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