Datapoint: SOA is a priority

Wondering where SOA and web services rank in terms of IT priorities? Right in the middle of the pack.
Written by Britton Manasco, Contributor

Wondering where SOA and web services rank in terms of IT priorities? Right in the middle of the pack. According to ZD Research (and compliments of our sister blog, Datapoint), the latest findings from our IT Priorities survey of IT professionals in organizations with 500 or more employees show...

  1. ...wired and wireless networking projects as the number one ongoing initiative.IT managers are keeping up with maturing standards and solutions for wireless and IP telephony deployment.
  2. Software infrastructure comes in at second place where it's firmly grounded after a brief dip to number four last November. Companies shifted spending to ERP and integration applications as vendors experiment with new pricing models and offer suites with more bang of the buck.
  3. At number three is security, a continuous concern for businesses as they deal with cyber threats, in particular, spyware.
  4. Hardware weighs in as the number four top priority as organizations consolidate their environments and replace aging servers with more-powerful boxes or opt for the increased density blades provide.
  5. Web technology keeps its ranking at number five indicating continued interest in Web services and (SOAs) service oriented architectures.
  6. Moving along, IT management is firmly anchored at number six, with regulatory issues and process improvements the order of the day.
  7. Data management stepped up from number eight to seven this month as compliance issues drive storage and archiving efforts.
  8. And with most organizations that planned to move to Microsoft Server 2003 already moved, OS migration has dropped to the bottom ranks after making its mark on IT Professional's top-five priority lists last year.
  9. The final priority, application development, rounds out the list according to our data.

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