Dell offering Salesforce integration services

Dell and Salesforce.com are selling a joint offering to businesses in the US, combining Salesforce CRM with Dell's integration services
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

Dell and Salesforce.com have teamed up to sell cloud-based sales-team automation and customer relationship management services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Salesforce.com will provide its CRM services, while Dell will provide the integration and migration services, the companies said on Monday. The joint offerings are currently available only in the US.

Dell SME operations chief Steve Felice said in a statement that the two firms have been testing the joint products in their own organisations, with Salesforce.com running its datacentres and PCs on Dell equipment, and Dell integrating Salesforce CRM with Dell's on-premise applications.

"Working with Dell will help accelerate the adoption of cloud computing by SMBs worldwide," Salesforce.com marketing and alliances chief George Hu said in the statement.

Dell's integration services include the company's integration appliance for data cleansing and migration tools, as well as a virtual integration appliance and a service for integrating Salesforce CRM with other cloud applications.

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