Dell's Alienware makes a big splash in Bangalore with gaming cafe

Dell's Alienware seeks to boost its presence in a major market in India: gaming.

In India, gaming is widespread, from school kids to graduates the number of people who spend their time online or at cyber cafes playing cannot be judged till one sees the enthusiasm at an event.

While gaming in India isn't glamorous given the way it is looked upon by parents, companies like Razer, Alienware, Steel Series know that the market exists. Not long ago Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer – a leading gaming peripheral manufacturer flew down to India and met enthusiasts talking about their products and gauging interest.

Alienware, synonymous with gaming for their computers, launched its Indian presence not long ago with the M15x and M17x gaming laptops, followed by M11x. The laptops are heavy, costly and drool worthy. Alienware machines are powerful due to the high-end hardware packed in them, such machines attract media professionals as well and not just gamers.

Strengthening their presence in India, Alienware has setup a gaming café and exclusive retail store in Bangalore, known as Alienware Spaceship. According to Michael Tatelman from Dell, "Alienware aims to create an immersive experience that inspires and empowers customers to play and work without limits and the new Alienware gaming zone offers just the right setting for this."

AMD has been doing quite a bit of promotion by setting up gaming competitions at colleges but an exclusive store and café from someone like Alienware will definitely help Dell build a brand presence. J. Suhas, Brand Manager for Alienware, said that the café won’t be providing Counter Strike 1.6 (w00t!)

The Alienware Spaceship is located at: No. 644, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore. (See the photo above, courtesy Tech2, for what the store looks like.)

Gaming is still a niche market, parents don’t like the thought of their kids playing computer games but if one was to risk it, spending time around Alienware equipment would be totally worth it.

Parents, don't be surprised if you suddenly get requests for a trip to Bangalore.