Deny this: mountains of evidence, islands of indicators

Greenland, Maldives, Arctic and Nepal--places where global warming is having its effect.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor on

If there are future generations with any kind of historical records, they will look at the current GW arguments and marvel. How much palpable evidence does it take to make people realize what's happening? Hey, as Mt. St. Helens obviously prepared to erupt, some folks there deliberately stayed in the path of the ashes. For some of us it's human nature to deny what we don't want to deal with.


Here's a video report on the Maldives and Greenland. They share little except islandness and dramatic changes in their climate. The Maldives, in fact, are endangered simply by warmer ocean temps without any sea level change at all. Hotter water kills off the coral reefs which make up the Maldives and then the islands will erode away. Coral reef death has been widely publicized for a decade. But it might cost some money to try to stop it. Better to deny, and move on to something more sporting. ELEVATION IS NO SALVATION

Nepal is a mountainous land with no sea coast, so they have nothing to worry about, right? Well, they do have melting glaciers and huge, new lakes that are not well-behaved. Think rolling walls of freezing mud would spoil your day?


Those who are monitoring GW are now actually paying attention to what locals have to say, like asking Arctic Inuit about changes they are seeing in their everyday environment. Maybe everything cannot be reduced down to arguments over data points and computer models?


In our struggle to maintain our lifestyle to which we are comfortably accustomed, we may have to jettison a few other earthship passengers, right? Well, one international governmental group has issued a list of species we should go see alive now, if we care. They may be going the way of the Dodo, an earlier man-exterminated species. The deathwatch list includes Australia's cuddly-looking, drunken koala, beluga whale, staghorn coral, emperor penguin. Bad news for some diners: salmon is on the list as well. But we can learn to make synthetic salmon from oil probably. BTW, humans are not on this list of endangered species. [poll id="205"]

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