Deskaway emblematic of new Indian SaaS businesses

Two important factors contributed to the birth of Deskaway — a web-based collaboration app that provides a central location for teams to easily manage projects.
Written by Rajiv Rao, Contributing Writer on

Name: Deskaway

Cloud Segment: SaaS

Type of App: Project  Management

Founders/Management: Sahil Parikh

The first factor was a relocation. When Sahil Parikh and his wife moved back to Mumbai, India from the US they started taking on web design and development projects to keep the home fires burning. That’s when the duo quickly realized they needed something to track tasks assigned to their teams. To their surprise, they couldn’t unearth a single simple, feature-rich, affordable project management tool that could make their lives easier.

The second contributing factor was a general sentiment observed by Parikh during his days in the US that all India was good for was low-end, back-office offshoring, and not quite up to snuff in producing a world class product. He was itching to prove them wrong and global reviews of his product suggest that he has come some ways in doing so.


Deskaway founder Sahil Parikh

Deskaway’s product allows every member logged into its platform to track projects during the entire life cycle. Each team member, and clients who are given access, can monitor their own progress and that of colleagues, share files, and save a back-up — all on a single virtual platform.

Deskaway’s project progress reports come with a comprehensive overview of overdue, completed, archived, and in-progress projects that one can print out or share online with management. Its milestone feature is a big hit and its offerings have been good enough to lure the likes of ING, FreeScale, Stanford University, Pearson, Deloitte and Etihad Airlines as customers.

Parikh himself has become something of a star author in the SaaS firmament, penning The SaaS Edge: How Companies Can Leverage SaaS For Competitive Advantage.


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