Developer of Courier-like iPad app: A Windows 8 version may be coming

The developers of Tapose, the Microsoft-like Courier app for the iPad, are considering doing versions for other tablets, including Windows 8.

Over on, Jay Greene posted on November 2 part 2 of his back-story on what happened to the Microsoft Courier project.

One of the most interesting tidbits in part 2 is that former Microsoft Chief Experience Officer and Courier champion J Allard is advising and financially backing the development of a Courier-like application coming to the iPad. (Even though Allard is said to be keeping "enough distance," it's still interesting, given he said he was going to be working with CEO Steve Ballmer on a couple of projects, starting in the fall of 2010.)

One of the founders of Tapose -- full-time Boeing employee and part-time software developer Benjamin Monnig -- responded to me wondering whether the company might do a version of Tapose for Android tablets and Windows 8 tablets. Monnig said "It's a possibility."

If Tapose does do a Windows 8 version of the application, it will be interesting to see whether they do it in HTML5/JavaScript, the preferred development environment for Windows 8. The app also will need to be vetted by Microsoft in order to be downloadable via the coming Windows 8 app store.

Courier was the dual-screen tablet that was being developed as a skunkworks project inside Microsoft until company brass decided to nix the project in the spring of 2010. Interface-wise, it looked like a Franklin Covey planner on steriods -- kind of like this Tapose screen shot:

Greene said Tapose for the iPad is expected out now some time around U.S. Thanksgiving.