Digital counts to three NT PCs

Digital today pushed out three Windows NT 4.0-optimised PCs, the Venturis GL, the Celebris FX and the Celebris GL 6000.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The Venturis GL is £1,900 + VAT for a 180MHz Pentium Pro model with 16Mb RAM and 1.2Gb hard disk. A 200MHz Pentium Pro version is also available.

The slimline-design Celebris FX comes with 133MHz, 166MHz or 200MHz Pentiums and costs £1,400 + VAT for a 133MHz machine with 16Mb RAM and 1.2Gb hard disk.

Digital's slimline or tower Celebris GL 6000 uses a 180MHz or 200MHz Pentium Pro. It has built-in networking and audio and a Matrox Millenium graphics card and supports the Universal Serial Bus (USB) peripheral connection standard. Prices start at £2,211 + VAT for a 180MHz model with 16Mb RAM, a 1.2Gb hard drive and eight-speed CD-Rom drive.

Digital also issued three Windows NT management software packages: ClientWorks 2.3 for remote management of clients is free with most Digital machines; ServerWorks Manager 2.0 is pre-installed on Windows NT server systems; and Digital Clusters for Windows NT Server 1.0a (£TBA) gives RAID support to Digital NT clusters.

Digital can be contacted by phone on 0800-393200.

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