DIY wi-fi, Vista in disguise, 3G iPhone and more...

Stories of the Month - July 2008

Stories of the Month - July 2008

One of the biggest stories in July was the launch of the 3G iPhone and cast its eye over the eagerly anticipated device to see if it's any cop for businesses.

And, showing that despite all the launch hype the iPhone is still not perfect, picked out 10 things Apple could do better with its shiny new device.

Stories of the month - July 2008

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As Apple's arch enemy Microsoft continued to adjust to its post-Gates future, gazed into its crystal ball to predict five things - such as open source - that could potentially change at Redmond following the retirement of Bill Gates in June.

Following the lukewarm reception for its Vista operating system, Microsoft conducted a little experiment. A sample of XP users were asked to try a new operating system called Mojave which they found rather nifty…

Meanwhile, taking advantage of the seasonally sunny weather, two intrepid reporters decided to see how their tech would fare in London's St James's Park. See how they got on in their remote working experiment.

As many motorists know only too well, sat-nav isn't as helpful as you might think with this research showing that distracted drivers often come a-cropper after being distracted by their high-tech map replacement.

In these days of lost data and security breaches took a look at some top ways to destroy your unwanted hard drive to make sure information on the device doesn't get into the wrong hands. Acid and explosives were involved…'s tech guru Peter Cochrane also came up with a way of re-using old tech by showing how you can boost your wi-fi signal with the aid of a household satellite dish.

And a exclusive came with the news that Barclays is to offshore 1,800 UK jobs as part of some ambitious plans.

Finally, July saw the launch of's 60-Second Pitch video series. Kicking off proceedings was Cable &Wireless trying to convince our tough panel of CIOs of the benefits of its FMC tech.