Does IT matter once more? Is IT strategic?

Geoffrey Moore created a tech marketing sensation with his book "Crossing the Chasm" in 1991 — he has a new book "Zone to Win — Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption."

Geoffrey Moore and his Chasm Consulting Group has been working with many of the top Silicon Valley tech companies on competitive strategies for the past three decades.

His first book "Crossing the Chasm" has been incredibly influential in the tech sector with more than one million copies sold. I went to see him speak at Kahuna - a fast growing digital marketing startup - about his latest book, and how can companies survive when business is increasingly digital.

In this video clip I asked about the importance of IT as we head into an increasingly digital business world. Is IT strategic once more? Does IT matter? These were questions that Nicholas Carr asked more than ten years ago in his book "Does IT Matter?" - a well received argument that technology was not a differentiator in business any longer.

Carr was right and IT organizations became slow changing cost centers inside the global enterprise. But today, 12 years after Carr's book, things are not the same. Some enterprises are trying to revitalize their IT infrastructure to support an agile digital business platform that operates on a global scale. Global corporations are behaving more like tech companies, with a realization that application development is hugely important in their competitive strategies.

What does Moore think? Click the short video clip to find out.