Does your Nexus S 4G have poor signal quality too?

Google and Sprint recently rolled out the Nexus S, but it seems that the device currently has fairly poor connectivity with both the 3G and 4G networks.

I posted my Nexus S first impressions last week and after several more days of usage I have to say I don't see anything in this device that would ever have me buying it over other Sprint Android devices. Actually, I have not seen very good battery life and signal strength has been very questionable.

A few readers sent me emails after my first impressions article stating that they purchased the Nexus S and had nothing but problems with the 4G and 3G signals, even after trying out several Nexus S devices. I found many comments on the Sprint and Android Central forums, as well as on other Android enthusiast websites. I know most of the time people with issues are the ones who post on forums, but the number of comments is quite high for a device just one week old.

I had a Sprint HTC EVO 4G for about 7 months and experienced excellent signal strength and connectivity in Seattle and other areas. In these same areas, I am seeing quite poor connectivity with the Nexus S and finding that WiMAX is barely a usable feature in the device. I don't know if this is a Gingerbread issue or a Samsung hardware issue, but I have read that the T-Mobile Nexus S is not the strongest at maintaining a signal either.

While it is nice to have a device with pure Google, unless you need to have a full featured Exchange experience, signal strength is much more important than this experience. I would personally consider waiting for the EVO 3D or getting something like the Epic 4G if you are looking for a Sprint 4G device at this time.