Dot-com opportunities for SMEs

My E-Trade Sdn. Bhd will provide a gateway for Malaysian companies, especially the small and medium sized companies, to "dot-com" their business.
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My E-Trade Sdn. Bhd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Heritage Sdn. Bhd, with an investment budget of RM3 million (US$790,000), will provide an efficient gateway for Malaysian companies, especially the small- and medium-sized companies, to "dot-com" their business, and immediately generate e-business opportunities in both the local and domestic marketplace through its trade portal, MyTrade.com.my.

MALAYSIA (MSCTimes.com) - "Our plan is to make MyTrade.com the platform for local companies to establish themselves on the Internet, quickly and cost-efficiently," said, My E-Trade Sdn. Bhd. chairman, Haji Rozal Abdul Rahman.

He said MyTrade.com will also support the companies' presence on the World Wide Web with the latest e-commerce, e-community and e-communication services; and provide them with tools that will make them competitive in the new economy.

Apart from e-mail and virtual office services, MyTrade.com 's e-communication service provides for SMS free messaging via mobile telephones.

The products and services available include trade directory listing, trade matching, home page development, e-commerce solutions and Web application development.

The directory listing lists the names and addresses of companies and links them to the companies home page. The trade directory covers companies from 13 different categories of of businesses like consumer products, industrial, construction and property, trading services, finance, plantation and mining, transportation technology and hotels.

Trade matching on the other hand allows companies to match their products and services with the demand of buyers and distributors. The e-mail service provided also allows online B2B and B2C shopping and as well an auction site.

In addition, the site is complemented with a comprehensive search engine for easy access to the newest information and an e-business solution center that provides solutions to business related problems and queries.

In terms of growth, MyTrade.com expects to secure a subscriber base of 5,000 in its initial six months of operations from July 2000. MyTrade.com plans to introduce new services such as online inventory, HRM and CRM application.

Besides these developments, MyTrade.con which is also available in Bahasa Malysia, will be made available and compatible with the Chinese language and Japanese within the next three months.

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