DynamicOps Cloud Automation Center

DynamicOps is all about delivering and managing private and public cloud services

Rich Bourdeau, DynamicOps‘ VP Marketing, stopped by to bring me up to date on DynamicOps' Cloud Automation Center.  It's been a while, but it appears that the company has refined both its products and its messages a great deal since then.

Capsule description of DynamicOps Cloud Automation Center

DynamicOps' Cloud Automation Center offers a number of  tools including:
  • Tools for private clouds
    • Virtual Reseource Manager
    • Physical Resource Manager

  • Tools for public clouds
    • External Cloud Manager
    • Design Center

  • DynamicOps Automation Engine that supports both public and private cloud services

These tools make it possible for business people to provision and manage quite complex environments through the use of an easy-to-use menu of available services and tools (set up by the organization's IT department.)

Cloud Automation Center also provides a set of tools that expand the organization's ability to govern and control from their own internal private cloud out into public clouds.

Snapshot analysis

The last I had the opportunity to speak with DynamicOps was in 2008 (see DynamicOps self service management for virtual environments for more information on that conversation.) So, it was great to be brought up to date on what they're doing now. The company has come a long way since it was spun off from Credit Suisse.

It is clear that they've taken great advantage of the opportunity to learn about organizational requirements for ease-of-use, powerful, controlled and flexible environments when designing Cloud Automation Center. The list of supported operating systems, deployment options, and use cases is quite impressive.

It seems that DynamicOps' Cloud Automation Center could easily find a home in quite a large number of IT environments and provide the ability for members of the organization to provision and manage in-house or public cloud computing services.

If your organization is considering expanding into a private and then public cloud services environment, it would be worth knowing about DynamicOps' Cloud Automation Center.