East Anglia: the D.C. reaction

First Congressional hearing airs lawmakers views on hacked emails and documents.

The first Congressional hearing was held today on the hacking of climate change emails and docs from a UK university. One Republican Rep. called the docs evidence of "scientific fascism."

At the hearing two Obama Administration scientists were grilled on the published emails. One of the scientists questioned had hacked emails that that are now public.

Today's House committee hearing was originally set up to look at global warming science prior to Monday's Copenhagen talks. But the East Anglia affair dominated much of the questioning. The Obama science advisor did manage to take time to urge action on global warming by the U.S. Congress.

As I've blogged before, it is possible for the EPA to take action on greenhouse gas emissions without any further Congressional moves. That is vehemently opposed by many business lobbies as well as many members of Congress not wanting their own power melted.

SENATE TALKING POINTS Sen. Inhofe (R-OK) wants a Senate hearing on the hacked East Anglia emails and docs. Sen. Boxer (D-CA) says she also wants to know the truth, and that would include a criminal investigation of the hacking itself. Oddly it's normally a Republican who most strongly call for law and order, but, of course, that might prove inconvenient in this case.

Here's a look at how the "climategate" reactions in Congress are shaping up.