ECTS: Intel pushes PIII Web theme

An island in a sea of video game vendors, Intel uses ECTS to launch its latest online service for Pentium III users.

PC gamers are undoubtedly out-numbered as ever at this year's ECTS show but Intel stands defiant, putting the emphasis very much on the online capabilities of its Pentium III platform.

The chip-supremo took the opportunity to launch the third-theme of its WebOutfitter Service, this time focusing on digital photography.

The first two themes concentrated on "Navigating Cyberspace" -- featuring 3D search tools and content from Excite and CNN -- and "Music Spins a New Web", a result of collaboration with such leading web-audio specialists as Launch Media,,, Liquid Audio and Global Music Network.

This time WebOutfitter members benefit from tools for capturing, creating and manipulating digital images -- on- or off-line. Tutorials and demos are available, as well as special offers and early access to products such as Adobe's new ActiveShare photo editing suite.

Intel has given the service the usual community spin with access to news groups, experts, discussion groups, plug-ins and downloads.

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