Electrohippes promote online action

World Trade Organisation meeting targeted by retro hacking group

A group calling itself The Electrohippies is promoting a grand scale denial of service attack on financial institutions to coincide with the World Trade Centre meeting this 30 November.

These UK based cyber activists are promoting a "virtual sit-in" along the accompany ordinary anti-capitalist protests on this date on their Web site dedicated to electronic civil disobedience.

Although the specific details of this "sit-in" will not be posted until the day of the meeting, the term probably refers to a so-called denial of service attack, a simple hack aimed at overloading the servers of the intended victim.

The site ominously reads, "At midnight, Greenwich Mean Time, on the 30th November, this page will contain information on how you can register your protest against the WTO's Seattle conference. The page will operate for seven days. We hope that you enjoy participating in this event."

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