Embarking on a FiOS adventure Day 2

Another day more FiOS issues to manage
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

It was a rocky start on my FiOS adventure (see Embarking on a FiOS adventure for more information). The company sent me at least 8 different messages changing the date/time of the installation. In the end, they didn't transfer over my office telephone number properly.

A clerical error caused them to think that only one telephone number was to be transferred from Comcast to Verizon, since other errors had delayed the installation, I just wanted  to get on with it so, I told them to generate a new telephone number for my office.

Once everything was installed and Chris Manning, the very knowledgeable and friendly fiber service representative left, I immediately turned to the task of making sure that all of my systems connected properly to the network.

I had to reconfigure the Verizon router so that the WiFi network had the correct SSID and password allowing my computers, print server and file server to connect with one another. I also had to reconfigure the connections between the computers and the print server to make printing possible. I also had to reconfigure the file server making it possible for me to back up my data.

I'm still working through the issue that the network performance offered by FiOS (as configured today) is not what I purchased.  The tech support folks are working on that now.

Update 10 AM ET

I've been trying to look at the configuration of the account online. I'm not allowed to register without my account number. That number is not on any document I've been given so far. No one at one of the Verizon store will give me that number (they see it on their computer screens). No one at Verizon's 800 sales support number will give me the number either.

One would think that here in the 21st century that one could do business with an Internet company over the internet. Verizon is proving it is not going to make that task easy.

Update 11 AM ET

I've learned a bit more since my last update. The number that shows up on Verizon customer service representatives is not the account number I've been seeking. It is an internal account number allowing individuals or corporations to have multiple account number (allowing different locations, etc.). It makes some some sense that the representatives wouldn't give me that internal number - I couldn't use it in any useful way.

That magic number isn't generated until the first bill is generated.

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