EMC delivers port for tape-based backup solution

EMC unveils platform to link disk-based storage to tape libraries in an effort to create better backup and recovery solutions.
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SINGAPORE - EMC Corporation, the storage giant has announced the availability of a new data platform named Fastrax.

The new platform will be an integral part of the company's E-infostructure storage solution and will perform the task of moving backup and recovery data between standard tape libraries and EMC's Symmetrix systems.

Taped storage solutions have traditionally been used to perform backups while not disrupting the normal workflow of data between storage and servers. These kinds of solutions, however, made its trade-offs in terms of rapid data recovery capabilities.

On the other hand, although disk-based solutions are able to deliver good data recovery capability, they require a disruptive time "window" to perform backup functions. With 24x7x365 becoming more and more an e-business pre-requisite, such windows are harder and harder to schedule.

EMC currently does not offer any tape-based storage solutions. Fastrax is supposed to fill the void by porting EMC's Symmetrix to non-EMC devices.

With Fastrax, backup and recovery applications will determine what data needs to be backed up, while another set of software will then determine which data need to move to tape and which needs to go to the active database. In this way, backups can take place while the same data is being used by production applications. And multiple backups can also be started and run concurrently.

The new platform combines EMC and third-party software, open application programming interfaces (APIs) and data movement hardware. Over time, the platform will be extended to support additional data movement functions such as content distribution and data migration, and provide support for non-tape devices.

Jack Garrahan, EMC's Vice President of Global Marketing, said, "We're in the midst of a content Big Bang. The resulting demand for optimal performance and non-stop information availability continues to surge, and with it comes new levels of information management complexity. Fastrax changes the rules for enterprise backup and recovery, and helps customers address these issues head-on with an infrastructure for the requirements of today and tomorrow."

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