Enterprise 2.0: my week ahead

Following the pre-show banter, most of which I missed, I'm sensing Enterprise 2.0 will be a LOT of fun.
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Following the pre-show banter, most of which I missed, I'm sensing Enterprise 2.0 will be a LOT of fun. Here is my itinerary/day plan:

Sunday (today) - sleepless night, pre-post blog entries, pack bag

Monday - depart home 7.15am CET, drive to Granada-Jaen airport, gassing up car at €1.32/liter ($9.50/gall). Board 9.55am to Madrid, then 1.25pm from Madrid to Boston traveling Iberia cattle class but with points on my frequent flyer card. Arrive 3.20pm ET (9.20pm CET), fight through immigration, arrive at conference hotel, hopefully in time to check in for conference. May skim by The Cloud. Then on to Mayhem and pick up Chumby. Whatever happens, I must not forget to pick up my Norman Naysayer sticker with which to pimp up my MacBook Pro.

Tuesday - probably wake up brain dead.  Attend morning sessions in the hope that the wifi works such that I can live blog. State of the Industry session at 10.15 looks interesting. (Dang I hate not having US 3G access when I spend so much time there. Anyone come up with the equivalent of a Frequent Flyer program exchange with Vodafone/Iberia?) IBM's blogger event at 1pm should be interesting. Enterprise 2Open will be worth dipping in and out while the evening VIP cocktail reception will be a chance to schmooze and make any last minute, must-do appointments.

Wednesday - find brain while realizing this is the US. Breakfast meeting (7.30am start). The lineup includes Microsoft, OpenText, AMR, Docusign and Newsgator. It will be fun to watch the minnows slugging it out with some of the 'drag queens.' I'm expecting great things of Ross Mayfield's session, largely because the same day SocialText announcement will be a monster. The afternoon sessions entitiled Transforming work models and Three alternatives both  have speakers I'd like to hear and meet. Unless there is something truly compelling then I plan to take it VERY easy in the evening but will probably chill with some of my Irregular chums.

Thursday - awake hopefully with at least 3 brain cells operating (much more and I'm positively dangerous.) Chairing a panel, the last one of the last day with the topic of microblogging. After a lot of juggling, we've got a great panel. I would say that but I've got high hopes of this non-marketing, shoot from the hip session. Once we're done then I will sneak off to the local Apple store (gotta be done, I need my Apple fix.) Arrive Logan International around 3.30pm for 6.20pm return flight to Madrid. Swill two Tylenol PM with Bloody Mary for guaranteed six hours' sleep.

Friday - 2.30pm (CET, 8.30am ET), arrive home. Crash.

In between the sessions I've mentioned, I hope to see at least some of the companies that will be presenting their wares. Above everything, there's a lot of people I've not met in meat space but whom I've come to know through blog posts, Skype, Twitter (when it works) and other media. I hope I meet them all. Packing it all in will be challenging but hopefully there will be plenty to discuss during and after what promises to be an interesting event that juxtaposes the software giants and the minnows.

UPDATE: The conference has its own presence that includes blogs, discussions and other goodies. As an alternative way of seeing what's happening, Eventtrack is following the conference as well.

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