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CxOTalk brings together top executives, authors, and analysts to a live forum every week. Here is what you need to know.
Written by Michael Krigsman, Contributor

Every week, CxOTalk brings together prominent executives, authors, and analysts to discuss innovation in enterprise business and technology. Conducted live and unscripted on open video, CxOTalk offers a rich source of thought leadership from the most innovative practitioners and thinkers in the world.


The show adopts an informal style to humanize top enterprise leaders and highlight their wisdom, insight, and personality. Because we conduct the show live, the Twitter audience can interact directly with guests and ask questions unfiltered by bureaucracies, chains of command, or PR flacks. CxOTalk is unique because we strive to make every episode authentic and fun — words not usually associated with the enterprise!

CxOTalk is co-hosted by me and one of the most recognized Chief Marketing Officers in the world, Vala Afshar. Vala created a summary presentation to share guest comments from every CxOTalk guest so far. Show number one aired on March 18 and to date we have completed 36 episodes with almost 50 guests.


CxOTalk guest list

Here is a complete list of every CxOTalk guest, current as of 11/29/13:

Chief Information Officer

Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Digital Officer

President, CEO, Founder

Author, Analyst, Consultant, Strategist, Venture Capital

Advice from CxOTalk guests

I was excited when Vala assembled advice from every one of our guests. These images are ordered by show date. Be sure to see his original presentation on this topic.

Kristin D. Russell

CIO, State of Colorado

Air date: 11/22/13

Kristin D. Russell, CIO, Colorado

Ramon Baez

CIO, Hewlett-Packard

Air date: 11/15/13

Ramon Baez CIO HP

Deb Scofield-Mills

Author and Entrepreneur

Air date: 11/8/13

Deb Mills-Scofield, Author

Andi Karaboutis

VP and Global CIO, Dell

Air date:11/1/13

Andi Karaboutis CIO Dell

Marc Touitou

CIO, City of San Francisco

Air date: 10/25/13

Marc Touitou, CIO, City of San Francisco

Phil Komarny

CIO, Seton Hill University

Air date: 10/18/123

Phil Komarny, CIO, Seton Hill University

Stephen diFilipo

CIO, Cecil College

Air date: 10/18/13

Stephen DiFilipo, CIO, Cecil College

Kelly Walsh

CIO, The College of Westchester

Air date: 10/18/123

Kelly Walsh, CIO, College of Westchester

Andrew Wilson

CIO, Accenture

Air date: 10/11/13

Andrew Wilson, CIO, Accenture

Frank Modruson

Former CIO, Accenture

Air date: 10/4/13

Frank Modruson, CIO, Accenture

Mike Capone


Air date: 10/4/2013

Mike Capone, CIO, ADP

John Taschek

Senior Vice President of Strategy, salesforce.com

Air date: 9/27/13

John Taschek SVP of Strategy salesforce.com

Steve Gillmor

Head of Technical Media Strategy, salesforce.com

Air date: 9/27/13

Steve Gillmor, Tech Media Strategy, salesforce.com

Andrew Grill

CEO, Kred

Air date: 9/20/13

Andrew Grill, CEO, Kred

Marshall Kirkpatrick

CEO, Little Bird

Air date: 9/20/13

Marshall Kirkpatrick, CEO, Little Bird

Flemming Madsen

CEO, Onalytica

Air date: 9/20/13

Flemming Madsen, CEO, Onalytica

Wendy Lea

CEO, Get Satisfaction

Air date: 9/13/13

Wendy Lea, CEO, Get Satisfaction

Brian Halligan

CEO, HubSpot

Air date: 9/6/13

Brian Halligan, CEO, HubSpot

Esteban Kolsky

Independent Analyst

Air date: 8/20/13

Esteban Kolsky, Analyst

Chip Coyle

Chief Marketing Officer, Infor

Air date: 8/23/13

Chip Coyle, CMO, Infor

Aaron Levie

CEO, Box

Air date: 8/16/13

Aaron Levie, CEO, Box

Shawn Price

President, SuccessFactors

Air date: 8/9/13

Shawn Price, President, SuccessFactors

Kare Anderson

Author, Speaker

Air date: 8/2/13

Kare Anderson, author and speaker

Ray Wang

Principal Analyst, Constellation Research Group

Air date: 7/29/13

Ray Wang, Founder, Constellation Research

Casey Coleman

CIO, General Services Administration

Air date: 7/19/13

Casey Coleman, CIO, US General Services Administration

Christine Comaford

Author and Strategy Consultant

Air date: 7/12/13

Christine Comaford, Author and Consultant

Jonathan Becher

Chief Marketing Officer, SAP

Air date: 6/28/13

Jonathan Becher, CMO, SAP

Fred Kirsch

Chief Digital Officer, New England Patriots

Air date: 6/21/13

Fred Krish, Chief Digital Officer, New England Patriots

Lauren Brousell

Staff Writer, CIO Magazine

Air date: 6/21/13

Lauren Brousell, Staff Writer, CIO Magazine

Mike Fauscette

Group Vice President, IDC

Air date: 6/14/13

Mike Fauscette, Group Vice President, IDC

Jay Wessel

CIO, Boston Celtics

Air date: 6/7/13

Jay Wessel, CIO, Boston Celtics

Jo Jo White

Former NBA championship player, Boston Celtics

Air date: 6/7/13

Jo Jo White, former NBA player, Boston Celtics

Joanna Young

CIO, University of New Hampshire

Air date: 5/31/13

Joanna Young, CIO, University of New Hampshire

Ekaterina Walter

Chief Marketing Officer, Branderati

Air date: 5/24/13

Ekaterina Walter, CMO, Branderati

Ben Haines

Chief Information Officer, Pabst Brewing Co.

Air date: 5/17/13

Ben Haines, CIO, Pabst

Dion Hinchcliffe

Chief Strategy Officer, Dachis Group

Air date: 5/10/13

Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer, Dachis Group

Kim Stevenson

Chief Information Officer, Intel

Air date: 5/3/13

Kim S. Stevenson, CIO, Intel

Mark Fidelman

Managing Director, Evolve!

Air date: 4/26/13

Mark Fidelman, CEO, Evolve!

Evangelos Simoudis

Senior Managing Director, Trident Capital

Air date: 4/12/13

Evangelos Simoudis, Sr. Managing Director, Trident Capital

Mark P. McDonald

Group Vice President, Gartner

Air date: 4/5/13

Mark P. McDonald, Group Vice President, Gartner

Phil Komarny

Chief Information Officer, Seton Hill University

Air date: 3/29/13

Phil Komarny, CIO, Seton Hill University

Steve Mann

Chief Marketing Officer, LexisNexis

Air date: 3/29/13

Steve Mann, Chief Marketing Officer, LexisNexis

Paul Greenberg

Industry Analyst

Air date: 3/22/13

Paul Greenberg, Analyst

Nenshad Bardoliwalla

Co-founder, Paxata

Air date: 3/15/13

Nenshad Bardoliwalla, Co-Founder, Paxata

Naomi Bloom

Industry analyst and consultant

Air date: 3/15/13

Naomi Bloom, Analyst and Consultant

Guy Kawasaki

Author and entrepreneur

Air date: 3/8/13

Guy Kawasaki, author and entrepreneur

Vala Afshar

Chief Marketing Officer, Extreme Networks (co-host)

Vala Afshar, CMO, Extreme Networks

Michael Krigsman

Industry Analyst, Asuret (co-host)

Michael Krigsman, Industry Analyst, Asuret

The CxOTalk team. We are grateful to the CxOTalk production team, led by Jim MacLeod (who also draws our amazing graphics) and including William Carlson and Cameron Marchand:

CxOTalk production team
CxOTalk production team. Photo by Michael Krigsman
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