Enterprise software: The case for platforms over best-of-breed solutions

Should we use a group of products from a single vendor or purchase different features from multiple, specialized vendors? Cloud tech, technological maturity, and efficiency are among the reasons for going platform.


This question, otherwise known as "suites versus best-of-breed", is one of the oldest and most important that IT decision makers have to answer. But is the question still valid? 'Suites' are no longer proprietary offerings with long development cycles, but rather open and extensible platforms which are frequently updated. 'Best-of-breed', single function tools can still serve niche markets, but their unique features are quickly commoditized. Thus, the more appropriate question for a technology purchaser to ask is "which platform should we be looking at, and are there niche products that we should integrate into it?"

In my report, Why Your Organization Should Purchase a Platform Instead of a Best-of-Breed Solution, I explain how platforms provide a more seamless and secure user experience, while reducing costs and administrative complexities from piecing together multiple tools. This report covers two important topics:

  • How vendors are releasing software in much shorter cycles than before
  • The advantages of platforms over best-of-breed solutions

Click here to download the table of contents and a short excerpt of this report.

The following video provides a brief overview of the report.