Europeans and Americans differ on their mobile phone perspective

Did you get the free cell phone your carrier provided with new service and are you satisfied with it? Or do you seek to find a mobile phone that matches your personality and style? Michael Mace put together a great editorial on the differences between U.S. and European mobile phone users.

My first free phone from T-Mobile was a Nokia 3650 and after receiving the device I discovered how powerful of a smartphone it really was and loaded it up with apps and games. That was over 4 years ago and I have kept increasing my frequency of usage of Nokia devices to the point that now the Nokia E61 is my primary mobile phone. I am very impressed by the Nseries and other Nokia devices and find it a bit strange that US carriers and consumers aren't more excited about the devices. I just read an excellent editorial by Michael Mace describing the difference between European and American mobile phone usage. I agree with his analysis based on my personal experiences and actually think Americans are more apt to just search for and use the cheapest phone they can get when they sign up for mobile service. I relate more to the European personality, as I am sure most of us mobile enthusiasts do, since I find I thoroughly enjoy using my mobile device and think of it more as my personal assistant and accessory rather than just a cell phone.

Part of my goal in writing this blog and actively participating in online forums is to spread my enthusiasm for mobile devices and attempt to educate and inform people about how powerful and functional these devices can be to make their lives a bit better. I share my devices and knowledge directly with family, friends, and co-workers and some of them embrace the technology while others seem to be too busy and just want a phone that makes calls. I think it will take quite a bit of time, and maybe never even happen, before Americans embrace the "mobile" rather than just look for the cheap, free "cell phone".


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