EV Profiler will tell you which electric car to buy

This nifty gadget will analyze your current driving habits and predict the right electric car for you.

If you've finally decided to trade in your gas-guzzling SUV for an electric vehicle, but are still confused about whether to invest in a Nissan LEAF, Chevrolet Volt, or the plethora of other options, EV Profiler can help.
EV Profiler, from Georgia-based EV Profiler LLC, works as a souped up GPS tracking device. Once installed (like a radar detector), it collects information about your car's acceleration rate, your location, your mileage, your elevation change and other driving habits -- and sends all that data on a nightly basis to EV Profiler’s servers.
The servers then evaluate your current driving conditions (in your existing car) and then predict your battery needs for roughly the same routes in different models of electric vehicles. This is a pretty nifty way for you to know if you’ll have enough battery range before you buy an electric car!
Of course, EV Profiler isn't free, and interested parties will have to shell out about $25 a week or $82 per month, but it sure beats regretting a much bigger car expense in the long run.

This post was originally published on Smartplanet.com