Evesham says more than half its PC sales are K6

AMD may not have got a grip on many tier-one vendors but it is doing some gangbuster business in clone-land.

A typical case is Evesham Micros, the Worcestershire-based mail-order giant that has been a supporter of AMD's fastest chip from the outset. The firm claims that over half of all system orders in its Vale lines are now based on the K6.

"The price-performance especially at 200MHz, to quote AMD, gives you more bang for buck," said Luke Ireland, a director of Evesham. "At 166MHz its fairly close to the 166MHz Pentium MMX, but at 200MHz its substantially cheaper [about £100 less] than the 200MHz Pentium MMX and outperforms the Intel product so most of our customers want it." K6 now accounts for about 1,000 systems a month for Evesham, he claimed.

Ireland said Evesham has had no problems from Intel, whose chips also appear in the Vale ranges. "All we say is we're pushing Pentium II equally hard: let the customers decide, and certainly they prefer K6." Ireland expects 266MHz K6 parts to arrive in six to eight weeks, and 300MHz devices to show up in the July-September quarter.

Evesham Micros can be contacted by telephone on 0800-634 5999.