Exclusive: BT's security hole reveals personal data

Outrage as huge security blunder emerges

The personal details -- including addresses, home telephone numbers and email details -- of everyone who has signed up for BTopenworld's broadband service have inadvertently been left on BT's Web site.

A plain text file containing the personal details of nearly 7,000 consumers and business users who have registered online for the service has been exposed.

BT is aware of the problem and a spokesperson admits the telco has goofed. "This is clearly a major error. We are stopping it immediately and having it removed as soon as possible," he says.

According to the spokesman the problem was caused by "human error." He claims the telco will be apologising to customers but would not say if compensation would be given.

One angry applicant believes the telco should provide free ADSL for a year to compensate users. "I am outraged that my personal details are being made available to all and sundry," he says.

BT has now removed the file.

Full story to follow

Guy Kewney contributed to this report

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