Exclusive: PS2 a month late, due 24 November

Sony gears up for next round of console wars with November launch date for the PlayStation2

The PlayStation2 will launch in the UK on 24 November, a month later than anticipated. The PS2 will join Sega's Dreamcast at the top end of the console market and will cost £299: the same price as its predecessor at launch.

Sony says the delay is necessary to satisfy demand in Japan where the machine was launched on 4 March, and where it has sold 3 million units.

A Sony spokesman denied reports that the delay was caused by the US hogging European supplies. He also confirmed the machine would only be available through a first-come, first-served pre-order scheme, due to launch 7 September. The company is looking at the possibility of selling online.

ZDNet's sister publication, GameSpot UK, confirmed Friday that 40 titles will be released for the PS2 between the 24 November launch date and Christmas.

For complete gaming news, see GameSpot UK.

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