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Part of a ZDNet Special Feature: The Evolution of Enterprise Storage

Executive's guide to the future of enterprise storage (free ebook)

As the digital universe grows, so does the technology designed to help organizations cope with the accumulating data. This ebook highlights the latest developments in storage tech.

The explosion of big data and the growing demand for real-time information is putting more pressure than ever on enterprise storage. According to the latest survey from Tech Pro Research, top storage pain points are cost, surging capacity needs, and performance optimization. With business decisions becoming increasingly data-driven, these concerns will only escalate.

Yet as the digital universe expands, storage technology and data management strategies are evolving to keep pace. We're seeing dramatic improvements in the density and performance of storage media, advances in storage management software, and a growing reliance on technologies ranging from flash arrays and SSDs to hyper-converged infrastructure and software-defined storage.

This ebook gathers insights from industry experts on the most significant storage trends, prominent providers, and emerging solutions that promise reduced cost, increased agility, and more effective data management.


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