Expanding your cloud repertoire? Check out these certifications

There are now cloud certifications for all roles -- from developers to administrators to architects to security specialists.

As mentioned in previous posts, certifications and accreditations are huge pluses for careers. They offer highly focused, lower-cost alternatives to formal continuing education from universities and colleges, and help resumes stand out. Plus, surveys show credentialed professionals often draw higher incomes than their non-credentialed counterparts. For managers and professionals in the fast-changing digital and tech economy, certifications may be the only way to keep skills current and relevant.

Cloud-June 2014-USA Midwest-photo by Joe McKendrick
Soar with the cloud. Photo: Joe McKendrick

That's why it's interesting to see there have been efforts underway to organize and offer certifications in the emerging field of cloud computing. The programs now offered cover a range of roles -- from developers to administrators to architects to security specialists.

The Cloud School is a leading proponent and provider of cloud education, and offers a range of certifications, including Certified Cloud ProfessionalCertified Cloud Technology Professional, Certified Cloud Architect, Certified Cloud Governance Specialist, Certified Cloud Security Specialist, Certified Cloud Storage Specialist, Certified Cloud Virtualization Specialist, and Certified Cloud Capacity Specialist. The Cloud School is part of Arcitura, which has built many strong offerings in the service-oriented architecture field as well over the past decade.

There are also a range of additional cloud certification programs now available, offered by associations, private training providers and vendors. At Techstagram, Darshik Jariwala compiled an excellent list of some of the leading cerification options now available to professionals seeking to expand their repertoire in the cloud space. Here are some vendor-neutral industry association programs:

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK), offered by the Cloud Security Alliance

Cloud Business Associate, Cloud Technology Associate, Professional Cloud Administrator, Professional Cloud Developer, Professional Cloud Security Manager, Professional Cloud Service Manager, Professional Cloud Solutions Architect, and Executive FedRamp Credential, offered through the Cloud Credential Council

Cloud Essentials Certification, offered by CompTIA

Cloud+ Certification, from CompTIA

In addition, Jariwata mentions that leading vendors also have shaped their own programs to certify expertise on thier platforms, including Salesforce.com Certified Professional, provided through Salesforce and IBM Certified Solution Architect – Cloud Computing Infrastructure V1, IBM Certified Solution Advisor – Cloud Computing Architecture V3, from IBM.

Enterprises and vendors alike are experiencing shortages of the skills needed to move into the cloud computing realm -- not only technical expertise, but people able to put it all together in a package that helps drive their businesses. These programs are providing the support needed to train a new generation of cloud-savvy professionals.