Facebook boosts mobile security in wake of LinkedIn breach

Following LinkedIn's password leak disaster this week, Facebook is stepping up to the plate with new security updates for mobile users.

Following the major security breach over at LinkedIn this week, it's no surprise that other major social networks are scrambling to boost precautions in fear that they might be next.

Facebook is stepping up to the plate immediately with new security updates for mobile users. However, the world's social network didn't just pull these out of a hat today because of what happened this week. Facebook developers were quick to point out that these upgrades have been in the works for a few months now.

The first new feature is the Code Generator, which is being integrated into Facebook's Login Approvals feature for confirming logins made on new devices. The Code Geneartor enables users to be able to receive Login Approval codes through the Facebook application without having to wait for a text, whether you have cellular or Internet access. (But the SMS option is still available too.)

For accounts that have been compromised, now you can actually do something about it from your smartphone without having to wait for access to a desktop browser. But now those tools have been extended to mobile devices, along with the social authentication tool, so you can clean up the mess in case someone tries to send unwanted friend requests from your account.

Speaking of the unwanted, Facebook is also making it easier to hide and/or report content you don't want clogging up your news feed while on a mobile device. Facebook users on touch-enabled devices can simply click the Feedback button to take care of these problems like you would on a PC.


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