Facebook down for you? Here are some possible workarounds

Hundreds of reports of a Facebook outage have spread online, but there are a few ways to get your social media fix this morning. Updated.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
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Facebook appears to be down for many users in the UK and beyond.

This morning, an outage was reported at roughly 10am BST, leaving many users unable to access their account on the social media platform at all, let alone post or check their news feed.

According to Down Detector, access problems have been reported worldwide, however, the bulk of the issue seems to be concentrated in the United Kingdom.

Down Detector

A total Facebook blackout has been the most common complaint so far, although app usage and logging in also appear to be problematic for some users.

With users taking to other social media platforms including Twitter instead, some have proposed ways to get around the issue.

It appears that using the Google Chrome browser will result in a "This site cannot be reached error." However, if you use Incognito mode in Chrome, there does not appear to be any problems.

There have been no reports of the outage impacting Facebook when visiting through the Internet Explorer or Safari browsers.

Many Facebook account holders are saying that accessing Facebook from your mobile device also does not result in any errors.

In addition, a hard refresh, which clears the cache for a webpage, appears to be working for some users. In Windows, this is CTRL+F5, while Mac users should use Cmd+Shift+R.

Update 15.00 BST: Facebook has resumed normal service.

A Facebook spokesperson told ZDNet:

"Earlier today some people may have had trouble accessing Facebook on the desktop version of Chrome for a short period of time. We're back to 100 percent for everyone, and we're sorry for any inconvenience.:


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