Facebook launches HTML5 Resource Center

Facebook recently launched the HTML5 Resource Center. Now that the company has ported the Facebook Platform to the mobile world, it is pushing hard with its love for HTML5.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Last week, Facebook launched the HTML5 Resource Center for helping you build, test, and deploy your app. In addition, the company has also created a Facebook Group simply called HTML5 where you can get help from, or offer help to, your fellow developers.

After porting its Facebook Platform to mobile last week, Facebook seems to be making a hard push to get developers building apps with HTML5. Since Facebook doesn't have its own operating system, the company's pitch is that the Web is easy to develop for and that Web apps work across a number of different platforms, with minimal or no code change.

In particular, Facebook wants Web apps to take advantage of existing social channels, namely the world's largest social network. Developers can target Facebook's 800 million active users and counting on the desktop, and as of last week, Facebook's 350 million mobile active users and counting.

"Today almost every device, including phones, tablets, computers, and even TVs has a browser," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. "Developers relying on HTML5 benefit from working with a single codebase that can run on all of these devices, so they build once and deploy everywhere within a minimal amount of changes for each device. Many developers, including Facebook, are using HTML5 in their mobile products, as it makes reaching users across many different devices simpler. The web already allows developers to create great apps and things are advancing rapidly. We hope these new HTML5 resources help accelerate the rate of innovation and improve the user experience of web apps."

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