Facebook to grab 15.8 percent of global mobile ad revenue

The social networking giant will rake in a hearty chunk of the global mobile advertising revenue in 2013, but it's a long shot away from Google's majority slice.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor
Image: CNET

Facebook's efforts to boost the monetization of its smartphone and tablet users in recent quarters has led to a spike in the company's mobile advertising market share, according to new estimates by research firm eMarketer.

The social networking giant is expected to reach 15.8 percent of the global mobile ad revenue, up from just 5.35 percent in 2012, the first year the company began to serve mobile ads — an overall increase of almost 200 percent.

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Image: eMarketer

Meanwhile, Google remains at the top of the table with a stable estimated 53.2 percent of the global mobile ad share in 2013 — more than half of all other companies combined — up slightly by close to 1 percentage point year over year. This marginal gain was attributed to the further monetization of YouTube, which Google owns.

In June, eMarketer said Facebook's mobile ad revenue will rocket by 333 percent in 2013 — that's three figure growth in just two years. 

While music service Pandora and directory giant Yellow Pages (YP) remain low on the list, another major player to the mix could end up leading Twitter into third place in the coming years.

The rate of the company's advertising revenue is slow — a bump of just 0.3 percentage points between 2012 and 2013. But with a push on e-commerce, headed by former Ticketmaster chief Nathan Hubbard, who was hired this week, those figures are expected to rise.

Both Facebook and Google are now the top ad publishers for mobile and digital rankings, the research firm said, adding that it revised its expected total ad revenues for 2013 up to $6.36 billion from $5.89 billion.

Meanwhile, Amazon is expected to see its global ad revenues grow 37.7 percent to $840 million this year.

On the whole, eMarketer expects the mobile ad market to grow by 89 percent this year to $16.65 billion. 

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